Nwestco, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Arkoma Services, LLC

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Arkoma Services, LLC, a premier provider of petroleum compliance, regulatory services, petroleum calibration, testing, and fuel polishing services based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by Nwestco, LLC, effective March 29, 2024. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Nwestco’s expansion efforts, particularly in the regions of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri where Arkoma Services has excelled for over 25 years.

Tim Gibbar, CEO of Nwestco, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “The integration of Arkoma Services into the Nwestco family represents a significant step forward in our growth within the Arkansas market. The leadership of Mike and Laura has positioned Arkoma as an ideal complement to our operations, especially our Springdale, Arkansas branch. We anticipate this collaboration will enhance our capabilities in testing, regulatory compliance, and inspections, and further broaden our petroleum installation and service offerings.”

To ensure continuity and excellence, Mike will remain at the helm of the Arkoma branch. This will maintain the high level of service Arkoma is known for and facilitate synergistic growth with our Springdale, AR branch, formerly known as Hooten Equipment (acquired in 2019). Arkoma will maintain its operations at the Fort Smith facility, with its employees gaining access to Nwestco’s extensive inventory and support network. Mike shared his optimism about the future, commenting, “I am happy Arkoma has the opportunity to join the Nwestco/ Hooten team and help expand their footprint in Arkansas. We believe our experience with compliance, testing, service, inspections, and fuel polishing will benefit the Nwestco team in Arkansas and beyond.”

Nwestco, LLC is headquartered in Denver, CO and has offices in Idaho (Boise), Montana (Billings & Kalispell), Washington (Spokane & Seattle), Oregon (Portland), Arkansas (Springdale), and California (Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento & San Jose). As a portfolio company of Guardian Capital Partners, Nwestco continues to lead in its field.